Cladding Repairs and Re-Cladding Projects

Cladding Repairs and Re-Cladding Projects

Are you a commercial tenant reaching the end of your lease and you need to make cladding repairs? Or are you a property owner looking for re-cladding before you place a property back on the market? We can help with both.

Cladding repair typically involves both exterior and interior work, depending on your property’s condition. Cladding is complicated work, but it’s important to get it right, or you could risk developing costly leaks. Recladding, therefore, requires specialist attention, and that’s where we come in.

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Dilapidation - Cladding Repairs

Damaged Cladding Replacement

Damaged cladding often leads to leaks, and this is cladding damaged and wear and tear can be a typical result of years of tenants operations. It is important to deal with them quickly and efficiently, and we can advise on whether repairs or replacements will be your best option.

Cladding Upgrades

Cladding Upgrades

Commercial property owners can greatly benefit from cladding upgrades. For instance, recladding a property offers opportunities to remove damaged structure elements like rotting timber before they become a problem. Overall, commercial properties are much more marketable once they have undergone cladding upgrades as part of a renovation project.

Cladding Upgrades

Impact damage repairs

Cladding doesn’t just degrade through wear and tear. If part of your property has been damaged, our impact damage repair service can focus on problem areas and repair or replace existing cladding in those areas so your property remains watertight. Below, you can see some previous projects which are typical for warehouse cladding repairs.

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Cladding projects depend heavily on the specifications of your property, but our team specialise on working large commercial sites. If you need professional, cost-effective cladding services for an office or commercial space, get in touch to get a recladding cost estimate from our team using the contact form below!

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