Commercial Make Good Defits & Dilapidation Works

End of lease stripouts are often an obligation of outgoing tenants as required by the commercial lease agreement within the ‘make good’ clause. This stipulates that a property is returned to its original state before the keys are handed back, and can be a huge project to undertake, which is why it’s best left to professionals.

Here at VSB Property Services, we’re Auckland’s only specialist providers of commercial make good defits in Auckland. Whether you’re a tenant preparing to move out of space, or a landlord preparing to remarket your commercial space so it looks fresh and new, our expert team can help.

We pride ourselves on working within tight time frames and time-sensitive work. From initial contact, to submitting a quote, to completing the works, we have a far quicker turn around than any other provider. We have many years of experience, and no other company specialises in dilapidation works like we do.

Don’t worry about the logistics of returning a space to its pre-lease conditions—let us help! Get in touch with our team for a no-obligation discussion about the best solutions for your project, or view the dilapidation services we provide below!

Dilapidation Work For Tenants

Our team of specialists enable outgoing tenants to return the property to the landlord in compliance with your agreed schedule of dilapidations as set out in the terms of your lease. We also ensure that the make good is achieved in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

We can help ensure you meet your lease agreements of returning the space to its original condition including:

  • Demolish and remove all partitions, fixtures and fittings, joinery, unwanted office furniture
  • Remove all redundant power, data and lighting
  • Reinstate carpet, ceilings, services

Not sure of your obligations? We can help:

  • Keep tight control of costs associated with dilapidation works
  • Reduce overall cost of dilapidation work compared to allowing landlord to do it
  • Off-set cost savings against your new office fit-out
  • Done in time for end of lease to avoid consequential fees
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Dilapidation Work For Landlords

It’s a sad fact that a lot of tenants leave your commercial property in an unusable state when they leave, prohibiting you from signing on new tenants until your property is brought back to a usable standard. This often results in you having to perform a fit-out refurbishment of your property before a new tenant will lease it.

VSB Property Services are masters of restoration and know what it takes to do dilapidation and fit out works ready for new tenants.

Additionally, the cost of the dilapidation and fit out works combined would be far more cost effective than getting them done individually. It’s the perfect opportunity to get your property ready for new tenants.
We can help with:

  • Fast turnaround. Get the property back on the real estate market quicker. Reduce potential of property being vacant or hard to lease
  • Increase space with modernising property (i.e. new flooring solutions)
  • Reduce cost by using a fully managed turnkey solution

What’s involved in a commercial defit?

  • Pallet racking removal. We pack up your pallet racking and shelving so it’s ready for selling or relocation.
  • Removal of fit out and joinery. Bulkheads attached to the ceiling require removal at the end of a lease. This also applies to built-in joinery which was added after the lease was first signed.
  • Removal of walls, partitions, doors, and windows: Office partitions are common to commercial spaces, and these need to be removed if they were added post-lease. Some walls, doors, and windows may also fall under this category, and this can involve removing structural elements or covering and re-plastering windows.
  • Decals or frosting removal: Window decals and frosting are commonly added to meeting rooms, front doors, etc. If you need to have these removed, we can ensure that the glass will be undamaged during the removal.
  • Floor coverings removal: Carpet or vinyl flooring laid during your lease also need to be removed, and this requires expert assistance, as it commonly involves dealing with industrial adhesives used on floor spaces.
  • Light fitting removal: Any light fittings added to a space need to be removed. This includes both task lighting installed to make a space fit for purpose or feature lights.
  • Repainting walls and/or ceilings: A property owner or manager is also within their rights to request repainting of a space so that it is either the original palette, or a new, neutral colour, in order to be more marketable. We can handle this for you during the other dilapidation works we carry out.
  • Dismantling fixtures and fittings: Signage or other items which have been added to the space, both interior and exterior, will also need to be removed. VSB Property Services excels at removing extra fixtures and leaving a seamless finish behind.
  • Repair of walls, plaster and touch-up paints: General wear and tear can also accumulate in commercial spaces, and we are more than happy to handle any marks or other types of damage caused by the daily use of a space.
  • Decommissioning of services: Building services—such as air-conditioning—are typically altered during a tenant’s stay, but it’s possible that your lease requires you to decommission these services, to allow the next tenant to reconfigure.
  • Final clean: We understand that presentation is the point! Once our de-fit is complete, we leave the space clean and tidy, so you never notice we were there at all.

Dilapidation Services

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