Disconnection of Services

Disconnection of Services

Do you own a property that you need to prepare for a new tenant, and you’re looking for help with disconnection of services? If you’re a tenant yourself, it may even be part of your lease to ensure that all services are disconnected when you move out, so that the next tenant can decide on their own services.

As part of our dilapidation services, we can get your services permanently disconnected for you, so you can cross that time-consuming task off your list. Talk to us about getting your services disconnected today!

Our Services

Here at VSB, we’re experts in getting commercial and industrial properties ready for new tenants. Don’t waste your time chasing up multiple service providers for disconnect requests; let us take care of all of them at once. VSB Property Services can disconnect a range of services while we make any other needed alterations to the property.

Aside from the common electricity disconnection and gas meter disconnection requests, we can arrange discontinuation for the following services:

  • Plumbing service
  • Data and internet service
  • Heating and air-conditioning services, and removal of hardware
  • Fire suppression systems/sprinklers
  • Security systems and removal of hardware

Disconnection of Services for Demolition

All of the examples above are required prior to demolition. If your property requires demolition for fit out or specialised equipment, talk to us. We can help  carry out this demolition work too, ensuring there’s no miscommunication, and nothing is missed.

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