Commercial Painting and Pressure Washing

Commercial Painting & Pressure Washing

Here at VSB Property Services, we offer quality, comprehensive painting services Auckland wide at competitive prices. Aside from exterior and interior painting, we also specialise in industrial painting as part of a wider turnkey package if you need a full defit or refit of your commercial space. We’re also able to work around you or your tenants, in order to minimise impact on the usability of the space.

We cater to the needs of both tenants and property owners, so whether you need to meet your end-of-lease requirements before you exit a premises, or you simply want to redecorate and revamp your property before you put it back on the market, we can help. In both cases, paint is easy to forget, but makes a big difference in the final look of a space that needs to be placed back on the market.

Contact us now to find out how we can help revitalise your space and prepare for the future with a stunning paint job and a good pressure cleaning session. Get in touch with our team today for a no-obligation quote on your needs or read on to see more details on our quality painting and pressure washing services.

Recladding upgrades


Exterior paint is a big part of market appeal, so if you’re a property owner looking to upgrade between tenants, it can’t be overlooked. Beyond exterior and interior painting, the VSB Property Services team has the training, experience and attention to detail to safely carry out specialist painting jobs for commercial properties, such as roof painting and car park marking. We are a one-stop-shop, so talk to us about your project needs and we’ll offer a comprehensive service package to save you time and money.

A guy cleaning building windows

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing improves the look and feel of your property’s exterior almost instantly. While our water blasting and power washing services are typically part of our site clean-up package, we’re more than happy to discuss a solution if you require high-pressure washing for a commercial refurbishment project. Rest assured that we can get you a competitive quote well within your budget and timeframe.

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