Pallet Racking Removal

Pallet Racking Removal

Are you looking for pallet racking removal for your commercial space or warehouse? Whether you’re a tenant prepping to pack up and move out, or you’re a landlord wanting to de-fit your commercial property and prepare it for the market, we can help.

The removal of pallet racking isn’t easy—it requires professional attention, and it’s a key part of moving out of an industrial space. Here at VSB Property Services, we specialise in taking commercial properties and un-installing everything in a comprehensive, end-to-end process. Our teams have years of experience extracting old pallet racking and getting it ready for sale as part of our dilapidation services.

Save yourself the hassle and let the VSB Property Services team take care of it for you! Contact us today for a no-obligation quote and we’ll create a solution that works for you and your property.

What you can expect from our pallet rack
removal services

  • Quick turnarounds: We are very familiar with tight time frames and time sensitive work. If you want to empty your property fast, we can give you a quote quickly, and put together a plan that works within your timeframe.
  • Professional and efficient work: When removing pallet racking, it’s important that it’s done right. We know that your pallet racks are valuable assets, so our team always follow a thoroughly laid out plan and handle the racks safely and with care.
  • Economic results: While some companies opt to remove pallet racks themselves, it’s virtually impossible to complete such a complicated job without it becoming more expensive or time-consuming than expected. We work fast to save you money.
  • Complete dilapidation services: Not only can we help remove pallet racks, we can also handle all your other end of lease obligations. From decommissioning of services to power-washing, our defit packages are designed to help you meet your end of lease obligations.
Pallet Racking Removal Service