Construction Site Clean-Up Services

Construction Site Clean Up Services

Looking for site clean-up services to help prepare your property for a new tenant? Whether you are the property owner, or a commercial tenant who is moving out and looking to fulfil end of lease obligations, VSB Property Services can help.

A final deep clean is a key finishing touch for any building project, but it’s even more important for commercial properties with vacating tenants. All the work of stripping an interior and decommissioning building services isn’t worth much if the site doesn’t look great at the end of it. We understand, and we want you to help get your commercial property to the best level it can be before it goes back on the market.

If you’re a tenant, then a final clean can benefit you too; the point of meeting your end-of-lease obligations is to bring the space back to how it was, so it stands to reason that a final clean is necessary.

We’re experts in building site clean-up as part of our make good service. Many commercial leases require you to reverse all major changes made to a property, and the final step of moving out is cleaning up. In just a few hours, we can get your property spotless, ready to go back on the market.

Our Site Clean-up Task List

Our task list covers removal of all building waste and recycling from the property, vacuuming of construction and drywall dust, and repairing minor damage exposed by the removal of furniture, along with a final site clean before handover, which includes:

  • Steam cleaning of all carpet areas
  • Cleaning of floor and wall surfaces
  • Cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens
  • Exterior yard cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Factory floor & warehouse cleaning
  • Landscaping services

We’re also happy to include any other areas of note you want added to the task list in order to target problem areas and address priorities you want factored in. Talk to us about your projects needs and get an obligation-free quote today!