Things to Consider When Planning a Commercial Property Refurbishment

Undertaking a commercial property refurbishment may seem like an intimidating prospect, but it doesn’t have to be. A refurbishment is an excellent chance to revitalise and refresh your office space. It offers all the new office benefits without requiring the enormous expenses of moving to a new area. If you’re considering an office refurb, this blog post will help you put together a successful plan.

Read on to learn a few things to think about for your commercial office refurbishment.


The most logical place to start with an office refurbishment is considering the budget you are willing to allocate to the project. Of course, if you haven’t worked on a project like this before, it can be tricky to have a benchmark in mind. Understanding what is affordable for your company makes it easier for a property maintenance company like us to provide an accurate plan of what is achievable.


In an ideal world, restrictions wouldn’t be a factor, but there isn’t a single project out there that doesn’t come with its own set of unique restrictions. Your building could pose architectural, electrical, or listed building restrictions. These examples may seem daunting at first glance, but restrictions are always discussed at length during the planning stage to ensure we find practical solutions, whatever your circumstances. Don’t let restrictions destroy your plans for a great new office!

Working Style

The main goal for any office refurbishment is to create an environment that facilitates the way your company operates. It is essential to consider how your company functions and how your refurbished office will affect that. Refurbishing is an excellent chance to re-design your office in a manner that reflects the ever-evolving goals, processes, and people of your company.


The importance of a good design in creating an ideal work environment cannot be understated. A well-designed office will enhance your staff’s motivation and overall productivity.


Considering environmental factors can eliminate many common problems with office designs. A loud or echoey office can be silenced using acoustic design solutions. A dimly lit office can be brightened by suitable lighting. By recognising the limitations of the environment, you can optimise the design plan and create the ideal workspace.


The benefits of choosing the right furniture for your office might not be abundantly clear, but the rewards can be massive. Sure, your furniture needs to be aesthetically pleasing, but there is much more to be considered when planning your office design. The productivity gains to be had by making sure your staff are comfortable is astronomical. This doesn’t start and stop with the suitable desk and chair; it extends to every facet of the office space.

Commercial Property Refurbishment Doesn’t Have to be a Headache

No matter what your plans are, the best thing you can do is choose the right office refurbishment service. Taking on a commercial refurbishment can feel overwhelming, but careful planning and a sound understanding of what you want and why you want it will help ease the process. Keep this in mind, and your new office will be ready to go in no time.